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While they’re there, they are trying to review as much Spoken Word as they possibly can, as well as a few other things that catch their eye (and fall vaguely within our purview, strip club meta-theatre) Life or Something Like It This show comprised two different acts: the poet Alex Keelan, and singer-songwriter Claire Mooney.This tale of personification and teenage lust is original, adult and completely crazy!

Dating George Orwell is set at the 30th birthday party of loner and spinster Pauline Duffy we hear the unusual tale of her quest for love and how she has not only been plagued by her addiction to books but how they have helped in her journey of sexual awakening.

Through her desperation for love and need for acceptance Pauline Duffy decides that she has no other option but to date her books.

On the contrary, “cultivating LGBT cultural awareness” inside a prison is tantamount to painting targets on the backs of prisoners.

As anyone who has been in a prison knows, they are violent places where rape is often the weapon of choice.

At least four audience members have passed out during performance, some attendees have thrown up, and others have shouted at actors on stage.

An incident following one performance led to people getting into a fight, according to After a performance last week, actor Olivia Wilde, who plays the role of Julia said: “I’m not surprised, since this experience is unique, bold and immersive.

It is there that she starts to “come off” the drug and finds a boyfriend.

What she doesn’t realise is that he shares the fetish and after a trip to Ann Summers, time spent preparing herself and turning up at his home with the hormones raging of a teenager she discovers him at it the way her parents had discovered her.

And there’s some very effective powerful language in there too, her poem ‘Laissez Faire’ points out why some politicians will never have your best interests at heart as ‘our blood runs red and theirs runs blue’ and refers to Cameron as the ‘tinpot robot product of the iron lady’.

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