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Model 1912 1981 overall 14 1/4 1/2 x42 stainless blade, handle pommel.1911 Numbers Date Made includes compass, fishing equipments, skinning slingshot etc.We carry several top-flight knife brands who make some of the best are famous for superior craftsmanship, design, materials and construction.

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The 6.6 inch black oxide coated 420HC blade is double sided and double serrated which gives it the trademark look it is so well known for.

The aluminum handle is 5 inches long which gives the knife an overall length of just over 11 and a half inches.

I guarantee all of my knives to be what I say they are and that they are in the condition that I have described.

99.9% of the items on this site I only have one of, so email me to confirm availability prior to sending any payment.

The emphasis is on knives issued or used by elite military units from Vietnam to date, by such units as the U. I have duplicates of those, so some of those will be making their way to this site in the future.

Please email all inquiries to I also run a companion website called I offer for sale and/or trade duplicates, extras and/or items I am thinning out of my collection.I accept payment by Paypal, cashier’s check, postal money orders and Western Union.Ludwig Kappos, M some were simply built stand test time, bridging gap between applauded legendary.We assumed it was a common low dollar rip-off just like most of the overseas junk that is imported for the flea market trade. We found out there is a little knife shop in a town called Sinop that features a long time established family of cutlers. I.s and spook types have had knives made while stationed there over the years since Vietnam!One small room but they pump out custom knives to no end. Thats correct they made Randall type knives during the Vietnam War!The fellow who forwarded it to us also did not know where it came from? "Overwhelmingly the terrorists have been Mohammedan males, moody representatives of a dysfunctional civilization that peaked in the twelfth century and knows it. So we randomly search people we know not to be terrorists, thus avoiding profiling. Its like losing your watch under a street light, but looking for it in a dark alley." Fred Reed, May 2002 Just picked it up over the weekend.

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