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25-30 kyr can be problematic due to contamination from exogeneous carbon and the variable effectiveness of 14C pretreatments to remove it. (1999) developed the ABOx-SC (acid-base-oxidation-stepped combustion) method for removing contaminants from older charcoal samples, which involves a harsher treatment than traditional acid-base-acid (ABA) pretreatments. However, in the case of 1 site, the Grotta di Fumane in Italy, ABOx-SC pretreatment produced significantly older results from those of ABA methods, requiring substantial reinterpretation of the archaeological sequence of the site.

This article on marriage and birth statistics is part of a pilot project implemented by Eurostat together with the Member States.

The aim of the pilot project is to better reply to user's needs by complementing Eurostat articles in Statistics Explained containing information on the EU with more detailed information on a national level.

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At the same time, births outside marriage have become more and more frequent.

To describe the current situation, this article presents statistics on marriages, divorces, consensual unions and births in the European Union.

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Articles from the participating Member States are available in the corresponding national languages as well as in English and they form, together with the Eurostat article, an online publication.

The way people live together in the EU has significantly changed in the last decades.

Highlights include the Golden Circle tour, a Northern Lights tour, an Icelandic horse ride, and the world famous Blue Lagoon.

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