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Teens often use failed “lust” relationships to assess the undesirable aspects of such relationships.If you’ve seen enough TV and movies, you may have already figured out one reason why so many people get confused about love and infatuation.

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Recently, an old friend messaged me and asked for prayer. He said that it had been clear for quite some time that she was done. Even though we hadn’t talked in years and I’d only met his wife once back when they were dating, my heart sank. I don’t know the details of their marriage and separation, so the following isn’t an indictment on the couple in any way.

He had come home from work to discover an empty house and an absent wife and child. But anytime I hear stories of divorce and abandonment, I can’t help but think about the serious and weighty call of marriage and how lightly we too often take it.

In Ephesians –21, Paul exhorts his readers: Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

She made literary allusions and understood the ones he made.... After two years, the analysis ground down to a horrible halt'. Thus for example Jung's initial '"unconditional devotion" to Freud's theories and his "no less unconditional veneration" of Freud's person' was seen at the time by both men as a 'quasi-religious infatuation to...a cult object'; As markets 'swung virtually overnight from euphoria to fear' in the credit crunch, even the most hardened market fundamentalist had to concede that such 'periodic surges of euphoria and fear are manifestations of deep-seated aspects of human nature'—whether these are enacted in home-room infatuations or upon the global stage.

So many adults get this one wrong that we thought we’d better tell you the differences between love and infatuation before your child gets their first crush. Most children and teens experience infatuation and mistake it for love, so you’re probably not going to escape dealing with this one.

“Don’t worry, Dad," his son responded, "this is only my first marriage.” His son is already divorced three times. For one thing, it’s very difficult to see through the foggy cloud of infatuation. We can find ourselves enamored by someone who isn't a good choice for a marriage partner.

(As one young woman recently said to me, “What was I thinking?

You need a couple of logs, some twigs, paper, and matches.

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