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If the Trump administration achieves higher economic growth, it’s unlikely to do so fast enough to support the mandated 9% increase in entitlement spending for older Americans without more deficit spending.

Trump says he intends to preserve Social Security and Medicare spending levels, but he seems unaware of the demographic headwinds we are sailing into. No real men left and no real women, but an abundance of gender-bent good-for-nothing retards. Will you leave them each a nest egg to help them through the hard times? For the kid (and parents) with a good enough mind, no reason they can't teach themself or earn a free ride (kid also prepared to resist college brainwashing).

To maintain a stable population requires at least 2.1 births per woman.

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I live in Wyoming about x minutes from a college and would love to find a student that would like to trade cleaning and some other things for room and board.

this ad for more information and use your first name and age as the subject line trucker on the AC Express you were driving a Serta truck with pa tags, you stopped at Farley plaza then headed west on the expressway toward philly.

He took particular inspiration from the track "Traffic", prompting him to download specialist software, FL Studio, and enabling him to start composing.

In 2013, He had his beginnings with the songs "BFAM" (with Julian Jordan) and "Just Some Loops", a collaboration with TV Noise that appeared on the compilation album Loop Masters Essential, Volume 2.

This was the first time in the prison’s history that anyone escaped from the maximum-security section of the facility, he said.

The inmates left a parting message, according to a picture posted to Twitter by Gareth Rhodes, the governor’s deputy press secretary.

In 2014 Garrix released "Proxy" as a free download.

He released a song with MOTi with the title "Virus (How About Now)" which was later in the year as well as his collaboration with Afrojack releasing "Turn Up the Speakers" which Afrojack and Garrix both premiered at Ultra Music Festival.

In a scene straight out of "The Shawshank Redemption", Sweat and Matt apparently busted through a steel wall, maneuvered down catwalks, cut through a steel pipe, left a Post-it note with the message “Have A Nice Day”, and crawled their way to freedom, emerging from a manhole outside of prison walls.

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