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If I had met the emotionally fulfilling guy first, I really think I would have been with him. He's not an ugly guy but for me there is no physical chemistry. Prior to meeting him, I was dealing with a guy with whom I had amazing chemistry on a level I didn't even know was possible.If you choose to settle for that type of relationship, don't be surprised if there are no " fireworks or sparks " between the two of you.

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The guy is a true gentleman, and I know he’d go all-out to accommodate my needs and make me happy, but there are certain aspects of his personality that irk my nerves, which only amplifies my lack of carnal desire.

But in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, ‘‘I know I’m not the only one who’s ever been in this predicament, but most times, women use guys like this for financial reasons—or just to have a good time and get some free meals and movie tickets—stringing them along with no intentions of ever taking things to the next level.

Knowing that, why string him along with false hopes that there may be more than a friendship in the future.

If you want a relationship with a good "buddy" without the physical excitement, you have that.

There’s a man in their lives that’s perfect for them, but they’re just not attracted to him. ) who have always been and will always be just friends.

Basically, his personality rocks, but there’s no physical attraction. Well, I know this is annoying, but I’m going to answer your questions with a few of my own questions. They have great personalities and are super attractive to me, but we just don’t have romantic chemistry. What did that feel like—something that could be enjoyable or something closer to when your mom forced you to eat all your Brussels sprouts? the problem is, I am not physically attracted to him.But there is a part of me that wonders if I'm missing my blessing. You have already stated that you truly feel he is not the one for you. Sherry, I met a guy about a year ago who treats me the best I have ever been treated. I normally have amazing intuition and I truly feel he is not the one for me. Signed, Torn & Confused Dear Sis, I am happy you are honest with yourself but now you must have the courage to act on your honestly. However, I keep thinking that if I'm not attracted to him now..will I feel about him 10 years from now?Umm, I probably should've ran then but I just took it as him being sweet and ignored the me being creeped out part.

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