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It is simple to use and the ability to save data in a quick, organized and easy to use manner was very nice.

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But when you take a closer look, the two have some common characteristics.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we wanted to share the surprising similarities between dating and SEO.

In the same way with SEO, when you’re looking for a potential backlinking partner, you’ll look for a site that has good “style” (in terms of its color scheme, uniqueness and readability), as well as an absence of physical detractors – in this case, ads.

When looking for a potential love connection, personality likely plays a major role in your decision to pursue one person over another.

I recently tested out the software and I am going to breakdown some of its features and how the tool is used.

I tested Link Assistant and looked for some link partners for SEJ.Seems they don't like how outspoken I have been about them, or indeed their involvement with Affiliate Edge.I cover this in my latest video blog but I have also written about this here. Seems this is the attention I get for ranking high in google for 'Aff Power' and 'Affiliate Edge'.Don’t kid yourself – as much as you might say that career aspirations don’t matter in a relationship, the truth is that we all look for someone who’s on a good career path, with a high level job and corresponding salary to match. I unfortunately have first hand experience of it and I am pretty certain it is being performed by the people that own and control Aff Power.I'm not going through the prospecting process - there are many a guide for that.

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