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Time shouldn't be wasted on meeting up with someone who turns out to disappoint you.Instead, enjoy getting to know someone through the instant messaging or video call service.

Don't worry - we'll try to make it easy for you to flirt, no matter how old you are.

Important Note Advice on Old Flrt is generalised and given in good faith.

Advice may not be suitable for everyone or all situations.

Old Flirt cannot be responsible for actions taken based on this advice.

One way is to take up a new hobby or activity, for example.

By trying out new activities you may make new friends as well as learning something new and having fun.You can see all the latest Conversations on this page. To start your own Conversation, first go the relevant room then click "Start a new Conversation". To read more about our Dating Safety Tips click here. Read more…Welcome to Dating, a fun and sociable place to meet new people you’d like to go out with.It can be nerve wracking knowing how to approach people again and we've found people are more confident and true to themselves when they're in a calm and familiar environment.Old Flirt is senior dating for young at heart older people. Even Old Flirts need someone to turn to for advice and dating tips.Dating is full of real British men and women with great life experiences to share, meaning you won’t find yourself stuck for conversation.

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