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Even there exist a popular saying about the true friendship and i.e “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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Her lyrics for the two songs 等你約會我 and 日久生情 is pretty good.

The MV's, the short story of Stephy and her missing date and the short interviews with Stephy, Carrie and the other Cookies member (whom I'm sorry for not familiar with), plus the song and MV production and recording sessions with Stephy and her production team is all nice to look at. A sense of fun with manners of teenage infactuations.

電燈膽 happens to a lot of people whom are single and/or "forced" to see their best mates (friends) dating each other. 不速之約 has a lovely piano (keyboard) introduction and Stephy gives a lovely, but sad rendition in this song.

I don't know if she ever written songs before, but she made a positive impression on me, with her lyrics making sense and her hand in writing the lyrics having a degree of maturity, if you agree with me on this. 七夕 has a nice Chinese traditional musical tune about it, in which I love. If you love Stephy and her music, please don't delay and buy her album now.

She sang with Alex Fong in 「好心好報」, 「好好戀愛」, 「十分.愛(合唱版)」 (which won a Jade Solid Gold Award for the best duet in 2006),「我的最愛」,「重愛」 and 「七年」, with whom many rumors about their relationship have been reported by the media. Stephy performed her first headline solo concert, called Stephy, See Thru Live 2007.

She was featured on Beautiful Cooking, a TV program on cooking on TVB. It was held December 7-9, 2007 at the newly built Star Hall in Hong Kong.

This edition comes with a DVD featuring behind-the-scenes trivia from 360° see thru stephy live 2007 and the MV of the album's principal track "see thru". I love Stephy's lilting and light vocal style and delicate singing (her voice is good for letting the stress drop of you) and is like honey dripping into you, and the "Stephilosophy" theme here, although more ambient immediacy than cerebrally pondering, is surly to induce a calming effect. Her singing on the first 4 tracks especially, and some parts of the slower songs are eye wateringly cute!

Initial edition also includes a Stephy 2008 calendar. I also like the opener track with its almost melancholic film theme melody and touching refrain with its Euro synth lead, which also comes with a very interesting and vivid MV to this. As a lot to offer a range of tastes and ages, and the quality about it comes across as very well produced CD.

Her songs are relatively fast paced (to the fact she's singing many words in a sentence of each song, even though some songs have a much slower tempo).

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