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Before you dial, type their digits into a reverse phone lookup site.

Text messages can be misinterpreted pretty easily and reading these messages without knowing its context could actually lead to more problems.

If you do find something worth being jealous about, it would start an argument; but if you find nothing, you should feel bad for not trusting your partner in the first place.

The mere presence of a mobile phone can make the meeting between two strangers more stilted, according to new research published in the May issue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

"What the work does is highlights one potential downside to mobile phones being so ubiquitous," said study researcher Andrew Przybylski, a psychologist at the University of Essex.

He wondered how the phone's presence might be influencing face-to-face interactions.

"It kind of sends a message that I could stop talking to you at any moment and start another conversation," Przybylski told Live Science.

Although you can text, Tinder or Facebook - nothing beats the immediate satisfaction of scoring a date with an old-fashioned phone call!

When you finally get a number - either online or at a bar - it’s exciting and nerve-racking to make that first call! If you’ve already got their digits, you’re half way to scoring a first date! So you’ve decided to call up your sweetheart and ask them out. Especially if you don’t know what to say on the phone! If your crush asks how you’re doing, don’t rant about your car breaking down.

If on a date with multiple couples, show the photo to everybody at the table so no one feels excluded. Say something like, “Do you mind if I take out my phone to _________?

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