Dating up or down

\n Maybe she was being coy or maybe she prides herself on having a partner who is hot as all hell.

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On the dating scene, does having a college degree matter?

I grew up in a town known for hunting, fishing, bars, strip joints—even a house of ill repute, until it burned to the ground when, according to town gossip, a prostitute tried to make a grilled sandwich on a steam iron.

To all those Down singles looking for a date, welcome to your first step towards a more successful love life!

Another is the online hub for Irish singles, where people from all over the country can meet, mingle and get to know one another in a friendly, safe atmosphere.

And it keeps you interested and working it in the bedroom." So he's hotter than you, big deal.

He's choosing to be with you, and it's important to trust his decision.

For an article in The Post's Sunday Magazine, we are looking for your personal stories of how romance has -- or has not -- bridged the class divide.

Is it true that Americans no longer date across class lines?

The Con: When your bf's handsome exterior starts to affect your self-esteem and makes you question your own positive attributes, you risk turning into a jealous girlfriend who starts fights every time a girl glances in his direction (or vice versa). If you feel like you will never be able to keep him because his looks are so superior to yours and it's making your self-confidence plummet, then it's time to move on, advises Cohen. If he's a keeper, he will know just what to say to make you secure with yourself and relationship.

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