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First reason atheists don’t believe in god because wants a healthy relationship to love and loving somebody is not to get under someone actively looking for my soul mate.

Television, movies and music provide many examples of both healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Taking time to use these as opportunities to reflect on what they hear and see allows them to explore issues such as self-respect, personal boundaries, healthy dating relationships and recognizing abuse.

Don’t get into the mindset that you have a certain “type.” This limits you and could cause you to miss out on meeting someone with whom you share a real connection.

You should also avoid comparing new people that you meet to your ex; recognize the men or women you date as whole people with their own complex lives, not just people whose characters are based on qualities that they may or may not share with someone from a past relationship. Maybe you’re hoping to eventually enter into another meaningful and long-term relationship, but it’s also okay to just want to go on a few casual dates or even desire something in between.

Just as when they were younger and parroted the words they hear, our children learn about relationships from those they see around them.

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