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It may sound obvious, but if you're going on a first date (especially if it's a blind date), be sure to get his first name before getting together.

"I went on an entire date with a law student I met in college and didn't remember his name.

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You will find comic strips and funny videos to put a smile on your face.

When a date lets you down, come to this site to feel better.

Martha: What if he meant a "friendly" lunch, and he's not interested in me in a romantic way?

I'm going to call Jered for lunch, so he'll be thinking about me!

There are a lot of sites online giving dating advice stating Dating Do's and Don'ts.

The difference with this site is that this site makes it FUN!!!

For the newly HIV-positive, there is nothing quite as intimidating as the thought of getting back out into the dating scene.

Even though you are the same person as you were before – same interests, same likes, and same qualities – you can feel as if a potential love interest might view you differently. You still got all the goods, but it can take a minute before you realize it.

The singles feel inadequate in comparison to such extreme perfection.

Ben and Emily have three children: Sam, Sarah, and Isaac.

He wants it to be a long date, instead of just lunch! Jered: Well, I'm going out of town this weekend to visit an old college buddy. Well, it was nice talking with you have a good night. )When she's not attracted to someone: Staci: Oh, I totally agree, but to take it even a step further, I would say Smith is didactic and reflective of today's political climate.

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