Daylight savings time not updating xp

In general, if your area has already made the switch (whether to or from DST), and your computer doesn't match everyone else's, there are a couple of reasons this could be happening.

We have two sets of computers (yours, and all the rest); one set is right, one is wrong. If that doesn't fix it, please update the question with what you've done so far.

But it won't stay changed, it keeps jumping back an hour after about an hour's time.

I read your post with mild interest in the middle of the night when my (computer) clock had advanced by the proper one hour, but it appears that this afternoon some time, unless I missed it sooner, it advanced an additional hour.

I should add that my computers are not left running continuously, and that could be a factor. I strongly advise setting the clock to the correct time ASAP (single-click on the time, then 'Change date and time settings').

You can get into all sorts of trouble if you fail to do so.

If so, set only one of them to update the clock, I've run into this problem in the past with older Windows systems when dual booting between OS's but am currently only running single OS systems and so can't test this idea. I applied a patch and added the missing software (IE and Media Player, I think) but there is the remote possibility that this is somehow tied to its being the European version. The other system, on a separate physical drive, boots into Vista, and it experienced no problem with the time change. I ask because Windows still differentiates between Eastern and Eastern (Indiana).

my computer is on a domain with about 30 other computers and mine is the only one that hasnt rolled forward to daylight savings time. :) The point I was trying to get across is that there are differing rules for when DST is applied or removed.I've replaced the cmos battery with two different ones,configured the time by placing the jumper over pin 2 & 3..detached every wire in the cpu,cleaned the cabinet properly and attached'em carefully and tightly..i've tried setting the date & time by pressing F2 and entering bios setup..performed full pc scan in safe mode with MALWAREBYTE'S ANTI MALWARE...fixed the registry with registrybooster..timezone is also correct..still the date nd time changes on every reboot...My system clock on my XP system will not stay advanced 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time.There may be extensive legal implications to it, especially for businesses, as you may have realized.As it happens I was in the middle of making an online purchase when I realized that I should abort that and correct the time before proceeding. If so, did you boot into both sytems around the time of the clock change? My WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE was updated via windows update (manual update by me - I have AUTO update turned off) 2010-03-20 with a fix for daylight time issues. See the following link to Microsoft for a description of fix KB979306): Regards S-O I confess I am quite preoccupied (in spite of an unusual number of posts from me of late) BUT this topic is becoming very interesting indeed thanks to your replies. The default is Win 7 Ultimate N which, if you weren't aware of it, means that it is the European version of Windows on a computer here in North America. Tired of paying Apple big bucks for storage when Android users get to enjoy the convenience of a micro SD card slot?

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