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The rear design reinforces this, mimicking that of the Kindle Fire tablets, with angular lines and a power button that falls neatly under your forefinger, if you’re holding the device in your left hand anyway.

The angular rear panel, low weight of 180g and soft-touch finish combine to make this is the easiest Kindle to keep a hold of.

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provide minimum ages of 112 Mya for the stem lineage and 89 Mya for the crown group of Annonaceae, and the diversity of endosperm ruminations in seeds from the London Clay indicates that the four main clades of Annonaceae had diverged by 50 Mya.

Ages inferred using these minimum constraints and a plastid phylogenetic tree for Annonaceae, particularly crown ages of the two main clades (Malmeoideae and Annonoideae), depend on assumptions regarding the pattern of variation in rates of molecular evolution.

Focussing on You Tube’s visual rhetoric of the screen-frame and thumbnails, this article explores affinities with the mosaic and grid, two visual forms historically significant to cartographic production and organization.

By contrasting You Tube’s interface to the strategies of other image-sharing platforms, it demonstrates the website’s emphasis on exploration through visual cues that eschew the linearity of film and video for a longitudinal-latitudinal structure.

Geophysical data from the Amazon Cone Experiment are used to determine the structure and evolution of the French Guiana and Northeast Brazil continental margin, and to better understand the origin and development of along-margin segmentation.

A 427-km-long combined multichannel reflection and wide-angle refraction seismic profile acquired across the southern French Guiana margin is interpreted, where plate reconstructions suggest a rift-type setting.

It's slightly sleeker than previous models too, at 162x115x7.6mm.

Around the front, a single pane covers the display from edge to edge with only the merest lip around the edge.

This school-based randomized clinical trial evaluates the short-term and long-term effects of chef-enhanced meals and extended exposure to choice architecture on healthier school food selection and consumption. This prospective cohort study reports that increasing body mass index and male sex increase relative risk of specific cardiovascular disease risk factors and suggests that even among severely obese adolescents, recognition and treatment of cardiovascular disease risk factors is important to help limit further progression of disease.

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