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"There is nothing more in the world that makes my heart feel so full of love!

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When The L Word ended in 2009, it was really the end of an era for lesbian images on TV.

Since we just can’t let go of our beloved L Word ladies, let’s keep the magic going with a ‘Where Are They Now’ follow up tracking down all your favorite stars from the show.

The young star also joined Jessica Alba in Idle Hands, before being cast as Alex Browning in horror film Final Destination - a role he later reprised in the fifth instalment.

As well as films, he also took centre-stage in rapper Eminem's infamous music video for track, Stan.

Nikita and Michael will be investigating a former Division program named P9 when they run into Owen again. Joseph Mars (guest star John Ralston), who helped create and resurrect the P9 program, as well as created the Regimen. Mars to help wean himself off the drugs he’s forced to take.

Michael, of course, doesn’t trust Owen as far as he can throw him, but Nikita wants them to join forces.

Find out where to reconnect with the actresses who portrayed Bette, Tina, Alice, Jenny, Kit, Helena, Max, Dana, Carmen, Tasha, Molly, Marina, Joyce Wishnia and of course, Shane.

Passing through the hallway Grace noticed that the bathroom door is open.

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