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Independently derived VN lines were used to select mask polygons that spatially overlap the VN lines.

Volume is calculated as the sum of valley depth within the selected mask multiplied by cell area.

Although this colour coding system differs from country to country and even within individual organisations, there are a few basic rules that can help you to identify workers from the colour of their hats.

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It is now a legal requirement on sites in the UK, with its tough fibreglass or rigid plastic design keeping heads safe across the country.

What you might not know, however, is that different colour hats signify different things on site, letting workers know who is who and carrying out what role.

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The depth of valley incision and valley volume are important parameters in understanding the geologic history of early Mars, because they are related to the amount sediments eroded and the quantity of water needed to create the valley networks (VNs).

Inspired by similar algorithms used in Li DAR data analysis to remove above-ground features to obtain bare-earth topography, here we propose a progressive BTH (PBTH) transformation algorithm, where the window size is progressively increased to extract valleys of different orders.

In addition, a slope factor is introduced so that the noise threshold can be automatically adjusted for windows with different sizes.

The highly automated PBTH algorithm shows great promise for estimating the volume of VN on Mars on global scale, which is important for understanding its early hydrologic cycle.

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