Disk utility updating boot support partitions volume required

Use below line sudo fsck_hfs -r -d /dev/disk1s1 The command (-r) in above code will recreate Catalog B – Tree.

Hello sorry, I'm kind of a mac noob and I somehow got into a kernel panic.

disk utility updating boot support partitions volume required-77

2) Fix Mac hard drive using FSCK You might have luck with FSCK command line.

To run fsck command you have to restart Mac and log in as ADMIN. Use of df-h1 will let you know the path of the internal disk drive.

I have had the hard drive for a couple of years and it has always worked perfectly.

It is also used as the Time Machine for my girlfriend's 2011 15-inch Mac Book Pro and the problem started when I tried to do a Time Machine backup on her computer this morning.

I can only assume that the problem that caused her Mac to restart also corrupted my hard drive somehow. If this does not work then contact a data recovery company.

You may try formatting the drive in order to use it again but this will delete all data stores in it.

Hello Paul, I second Hamlet's reply of file recovery from an unmounted drive.

You can run the free trial of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery on your unmounted WD external hard drive.

I restarted and never got past a plain white screen. Restarted to the alternate disk again, ran disk utility on the main drive again, it found some problems and repaired them this time (last time it didn't find any) and now it's back to the "2 minute" updating boot support again... Any ideas on making the boot support partitions update so I don't have to go through that hell?

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