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Most just try to compliment me into taking my clothes off, as if simply telling me that I am beautiful will instantly make my panties disappear.

I stick to the game plan -– stay polite and flirty and wait for them to pay for my clothes to come off.

Home for Christmas break, I have a lot of free time on my hands while my mom works nights. It’s time to become Ariel, in live action for the first time.

I turn on upbeat music and go live, staring at the room count and waiting for my first viewer to come in.

The only thing you can do in that case is to drink into unconsciousness and go to brothel! S.: Game Of Desire's crew wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Apology @ all, and I'm sorry @ Vadim Go D, but now I must sometimes write BIG. It can start with a simple question like: "What are you wearing?" Other times it starts with a focus on breathing or a loving, but stern, command. I have, you see, entered Jedworld, a bizarre, off-the-wall place inhabited by the, bizarre, off-the-wall Irish twins with the big hair and terrible voices. They're like ducks, those two, always wandering off.' Edward, it turns out, went to the gents during the last meeting here and didn't come back for 20 minutes. Edward interrupts, 'We don't see girls in that "Oh-she's-hot way". 'They both nod, quiffs quivering – they are big fans of the US singer. They see it on the movies and think that's what's expected. Fans included Andy Murray, Peaches Geldof, Robbie Williams, and the thousands of screaming teenage fans camped outside The X Factor house, while Lily Allen and the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, were among their detractors. Then Edward would do it as well.' The boys had been gelling their hair for several years before auditioning for The X Factor. 'Most of the contestants start breaking down on stage when they're voted off,' says John. So, apart from the special powers, what is their ambition?Judge Simon Cowell threatened to leave the country should they win, and Dannii Minogue memorably reminded them, 'This is a singing competition.' The twins eventually lost out in a sing-off to Olly Murs after finishing in the bottom two of the public vote. So much so that I wonder if they've been tested for Attention Deficit Disorder. 'I think people need time to understand us.'They're not used to change. They say their mum and dad have always allowed them to be themselves, right down to the way they look and dress. We'd never gelled it so high before, but we didn't imagine it would make such an impact.' Neither, it turns out, had they thought about a name for the act. They thought they were going to get more singers – they weren't expecting us. In Boot Camp, so many of them were like, "Look at us, we're superstars".' They just diss people round them. 'We have so much energy, we'd get rid of it doing loads of running – eight or ten miles a day.

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