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The theme of this year’s conference is transformation.For more info, contact Kevin Amos of the Black Music Education Project at [email protected] by calling 412-894-7876.Students will utilize foods on site, along with ingredients provided to the center by Pure to The People, to prepare tasty, complete bites.

KCHUNG has a sociopolitical feminist talk show (“Fallopian Utopia”), a program that on one June evening consisted mostly of “Deez Nuts” prank calls (“Confessions of a Coco”) and one that offers downtempo disco music (“White Leather”).

Late-’80s pop tunes might butt up against two hours of experimental noise metal.

This low-wattage radio station, hosted in a back studio in an anonymous Chinatown low-rise, seemingly has but one goal: to broadcast the weirdest, smartest, dumbest, most fun and irreverent content possible.

Anyone outside of the miniscule broadcast radius of just a few blocks, however, needs to go to the online stream and archives.

Sometimes, she even sings, but her most important role is that of CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Kidd’s Kids!

Cache Valley theater arts organizers are hoping to create a special theater district in downtown Logan.

“And we are still benefiting from that routing today.” Hassan has been meeting with representatives of theater organizations, including Utah State University, which owns and operates the Lyric Theatre.

The non-profit Utah Festival Opera manages the Utah Theater, and the CVCA operates and oversees management of the Ellen Eccles Theater.

The district would feature renovated buildings and performance halls dating back to the early 20th Century when four theaters were built on Logan's Main and Center streets.

As early as 1913, the city of Logan had requests from professional performers working the vaudeville circuit who were looking to make money traveling from major stops in Utah to Idaho.

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