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In SQL Server when an XML index is created, hierarchyid values are used internally to represent the position in the hierarchy.

Oracle bitmap indexes are very different from standard b-tree indexes.

In bitmap structures, a two-dimensional array is created with one column for every row in the table being indexed.

To fix this issue, we wrote utility methods that get the terms from the term store, create a hierarchical tree of terms based on their path, then sorted the terms if there is custom sorting involved.

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Examples of the hierarchical data that is commonly stored in databases include the following: When using the Parent/Child approach, each row contains a reference to the parent.

The following table defines a typical table used to contain the parent and the child rows in a Parent/Child relationship: An XML document is a tree, and therefore a single XML data type instance can represent a complete hierarchy.

Get Level(), Employee Name nvarchar(50) NOT NULL ) ; GO CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX Org_Breadth_First ON Organization(Org Level, Business Entity ID) ; GO CREATE UNIQUE INDEX Org_Depth_First ON Organization(Business Entity ID) ; GO INSERT Simple Demo VALUES ('/1/', ' Europe', ' Continent'), ('/2/', ' South America', ' Continent'), ('/1/1/', ' France', ' Country'), ('/1/1/1/', ' Paris', ' City'), ('/1/2/1/', ' Madrid', ' City'), ('/1/2/', ' Spain', ' Country'), ('/3/', ' Antarctica', ' Continent'), ('/2/1/', ' Brazil', ' Country'), ('/2/1/1/', ' Brasilia', ' City'), ('/2/1/2/', ' Bahia', ' State'), ('/2/1/2/1/', ' Salvador', ' City'), ('/3/1/', ' Mc Murdo Station', ' City'); Converted Level Level Location Location Type /1/ 0x58 Europe Continent /1/1/ 0x5AC0 France Country /1/1/1/ 0x5AD6 Paris City /1/2/ 0x5B40 Spain Country /1/2/1/ 0x5B56 Madrid City /2/ 0x68 South America Continent /2/1/ 0x6AC0 Brazil Country /2/1/1/ 0x6AD6 Brasilia City /2/1/2/ 0x6ADA Bahia State /2/1/2/1/ 0x6ADAB0 Salvador City /3/ 0x78 Antarctica Continent /3/1/ 0x7AC0 Mc Murdo Station City Notice that the hierarchy is has a valid structure, even though it is not internally consistent. It appears in the hierarchy as a peer of the city Brasilia.

Similarly, Mc Murdo Station does not have a parent country.

A view can refer to tables or views in other databases by qualifying the table or view name with the appropriate database name.

Within a database, base tables and views share the same namespace, so a base table and a view cannot have the same name.

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