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In the highest numbered cache folder are 3 other folders Cached Objects, Method Call Caching Details and Cached Method Calls.It is Cached Method Calls which we are interested in.More details regarding this decision may be found in this news article.

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If you do not have the above 3 named files in the Cached Method Calls folder then it is safe to delete the entire contents of the Machonet folder which does not store any user settings.

If you get podkilled, your character's original body dies, but your character's mind is transferred to your clone, and you resume the game with the cloned body.

You automatically have a clone, which is installed in the station you start in.

You can move your clone to a different station if you wish.

To do so, go to any station that has medical facilities, and click the medical facilities button (it is in the station information window.) You will see a window that has a couple of tabs: one for clones, and one for jump clones.

Jump clones are not within the scope of this article.

In the clone tab, you can choose to move your clone to the current station if it is not there already.

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Inside this folder are files which appear to store a hex address type filename plus .cache as the extension.

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