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There were a few of us dealing mostly with adults, with groups from around 18-88 in one class There were others teaching younger learners – teens and children.

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However, if you aren’t committed to maintaining a clean CPAP machine, you’re putting yourself at high risk for exposure to germs and bacteria that nests in your equipment.This thread prompted @ELTExperiences to ask, Why do we assume that there are greater issues between Young Learners and Adults?adding that “perhaps most issues are with adults than expected”.Look for the logo (seen above) and a web site soon!Tags: #createhealth, #createhealthcop, Creating Healthy Communities, financial literacy, Health Literacy, numeracy, researched-based information Posted in conference, National Health Outreach Conference, priesterhealth | The May 29th webinar titled “Helping Wisconsin Kids Get Covered: Connecting to Health Coverage through Schools” will discuss how to engage schools in outreach to encourage families to participate in Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance opportunities, as well as Medicaid.Hadfield and Mackay mentioned the importance of thinking about the different possible L2 selves: @jo_sayers & @Marisa_C felt that the focus on discrepancy between current and ideal L2 self is powerful, with @michaelegriffin thinking that a general focus on goals and achievements was a good thing.

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