Flash dating game torrent

The art is great, a lot of unique game features like in the date, the time change where we can't and can do certain events depending on the time.Here's some suggestions for the game: 1) How about adding random events while doing jobs?

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This place can also used to report issues with Amorous or any of our other games.

In a mythical age, a young man seeks to become an adult.

Singles, growth of dancing at finish line for a dance party with friends while listening to the commentary and hominem.

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Like, there's an event while doing work and we get to choose how to resolve it.

Depending on the choice, it will either give us benefits or terrible consequences.

Continue reading Here’s the first introduction, Kaitlyn. Well in the announcement post I already showed the two other outfits, so I thought to do an innovative thing: “intro underwear”!

Now the cool guys introduce their story characters … Continue reading Future card games So about 10 days passed since I released my card game PSCD.

2) The sleep function doesn't have much or any use at all, why not add an energy bar?

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