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But Mary, the woman who shared much of her life with the enigmatic showman, and to whom he left his magnificent £20 million Edwardian mansion in West London as well as the bulk of his £9 million fortune, is categoric on the matter: ‘Freddie is definitely not in that cemetery,’ she says. His presence is everywhere.’ The grand piano – at which Mercury composed many of his greatest hits including Bohemian Rhapsody – dominates the room.

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” The basis for the question was the famous Zuzana, formerly of Bodyrock and her successor on the site Lisa Marie.

A few days ago I answered a reader’s question here on the site that asked “Can You Get A Great Body Exercising 12 Minutes Per Day?

The reason why it gets me so mad is because they are discouraging people by telling them that they have to be on a super strict diet and dedicate at least 45 minutes 5-6 times a week to get fit. And you can lose weight by just eating better, without even exercising!

I’m not going to recite everything I wrote in my answer, BUT to call me a Big Fat Liar and say I should know better is plain wrong. What’s really interesting is that many people who follow Bodyrock and Zuzana actually agreed with my thoughts! Think about this – 12 minutes is LESS THAN 1% of your day.

She's super likable, and I find all of her stuff to be an easy read.

You might learn something - either about working out OR nutrition.

Now if you read my response carefully and thoroughly, you’ll see that I answer the question in some detail.

Both ladies insist they achieved their ultra lean and toned bods with just 12 minutes of exercise per day.

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