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More about One Touch™ With just one account, you can shop at millions of websites around the world, and pay friends back almost anywhere.

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I cancelled my subscription because I'd had enough. They only let you suspend it so they can send you offers to get you back paying them. I noticed 3 or 4 times throughout the last couple years that they were still charging my account. They changed the US $44 to CANADIAN $84 for 3 months! I cancelled the auto-renewal along with three add-on services. I was thinking since I had paid it would be a good quality site.

I made sure I did EVERYTHING to cancel it correctly to avoid any type of charge. I was not happy with my experience during the first six months and had no desire to be trapped into another 6 month window. I wish now that I wouldn't have paid for this site.

Just to clarify, this site does not prohibit anyone from asking another member for money.

No member is forced to send money to any other member so if you do so it is your choice.

Or pay even faster with One Touch™, stay logged in and check out without entering your password.

Plus, rest assured knowing Buyer Protection is available for your eligible purchases.Since we are unable to validate eligibility online by viewing each customer's Identification and Privilege Card, we must validate eligibility through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).The only information available for eligibility validation purposes is Social Security number and date of birth. Feel free to explore all the many exciting products and top brands available at before logging in to the site.Find all the best deals in the Savings Center: The Exchange Online Store will match a lower price from other online retailers, a lower Exchange retail store price or a lower price advertised our site. Learn more about our Price Match Policy or contact a customer service agent. Once you've added the item to your shopping cart, you'll see a message to the right of the item.You just never know when you'll need a fake credit card number - and when you do, here's a site can provide them for you. Give their marketing team some credit for being able to scam ordinary people. When you call their customer assistance, they just tell you that it must have been a clerical error. This is not at all a defense of I certainly hate them--but this has been a problem with other dating sites as well. Then, they lie and tell you that people are online on their site when they're not (I've had friends test this), or have been "active within a week" when they've actually cancelled their memberships 8 months before. I've tried Match not one but THREE times thinking that maybe the first two times I had been plagued by bad luck or bad dating timing. To do an experiment I subscribed to Zoosk at the same time. However when I clicked the discount rate, they charge the FULL price on my credit card, not the discounted rate. Technical issue he said so I insisted he cancelled it. I never allowed them to automatically keep my account open. I did my part, following their directions to cancel my account but somehow this is my fault. I had a couple of great dates, but never did meet anyone I really clicked with. I will never use this service again and I don't recommend them as they clearly follow disreputable billing practices. That is because if you don't get a match in a long time, you end up getting these messages from people saying "Their friend walked by and saw your picture and want to reach out to you of " It seems suspiciously to me as if it is coming from itself. You also can not contact them unless you call them. We are not separated yet, meaning that we still live in the same house.

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