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That sounds dead earnest, but it just comes from spending my childhood being served a diet of pure stereotypes, and never seeing anyone who looked or felt like me on telly. My 8 year old has concluded that flop is obviously bings dad (I'm not entirely certain.....), my husband said obviously flop is smaller than bing because he is less significant, by making bing bigger than flop, it is emphasising that bing is the main charecter.... None of us can come up with a reason for flop being a knitted type character, what's that all about?? They're never in a rush to get to work or school or home. Whenever anything bad happens flop never loses his temper, bing is always easily reasoned with and it's all happy and fuzzy and warm. Greendales a happy place too the only bad thing to happen is the post is late every day, but that never bothers anyone. They're never in a rush to get to work or school or home. It's funny how flop never has to wash up, put the washing on, tidy up or anything lol Am also looking forward to the new episodes on monday! He gets up at 9am and this is just when raa raa the noisy lion starts (which he loves too) and then bing!!! I'm guessing flop is a bunny and bings carer, the thing I wonder is if flop is a bunny like bing and am mar is an elephant like sukarno then why isn't pager a panda like Pando... I noticed in the credit sequence that a pink one with glasses and on the phone drops off Charlie and Coco whom I presumed were Bing's siblings. If she's a rabbit with her ears tied into a bun then she is obviously doing it too tightly because it looks like they've moulded into one big ball in the center.

Childminders are rarely represented on the children's telly I've seen (with the exception of Me Too) so to see an elderly male one is quite a novelty.

I think it's a great thing to have less obvious relationships depicted, and to see different types of family/care set-ups shown on TV. They're never in a rush to get to work or school or home.

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The other thing that might put you off-scent is that Flop is male - and it's not clear - from the episodes I've seen, if he's family.

Do they reach an age where they go into a chrysalis and emerge as a little stuffed animal instead? But then Bing is all simple, bold colours and Flop is much duller, suggesting old age.

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