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The app provides onscreen answers and even talks back with the latest information.

Most Android users will have Google Maps pre-installed on their devices, but it’s a must for i Phone and i Pad users, too.

Six years later in 1979, Stanley Kubrick would use seven Penderecki works for , underlining the state of madness in that particularly jarring film.

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So what is it that’s changed in the last few years around the SEO world? We perform a search query, we enter our search into Google, into Bing, probably into Google [laughter], and we click on a result and the page starts loading and we decide, “This is a pile of crap. Essentially when you see this kind of data, what I believe is going on, is yes, Google is doing something that is potentially shitty to Expedia, or to Moz, or to Hubspot or whatever, and taking some of that traffic. Because it’s a smaller chunk of an overall bigger pie. Audience member: I don’t want to derail with a debate over whether this is cool or not, but as a user this is awesome.

Anyone who says links are dead for SEO, I can promise you we have done tons of testing this year, just in the last few months, around the power of links; they are still incredibly valuable. So we’ve done this experiment many, many times: we took just a few pages that were ranking in the 30s or 40s of results, pointed anchor text links from ten different domains at them. Google actually said through one of their representatives early this year that they looked at removing links from their algorithm. Links that are not editorial – that were paid for, that were cajoled in a way that Google doesn’t like. There’s still plenty of link spam out there, but they are aggressive and they’re getting better and better. Rand: I think that’s why it’s so weird to me that they’re being so aggressive about this, because a lot of times they are showing the wrong answer, as I illustrated here. If any of you go out to dinner with your friends, how many times do you pick up that phone to do a search to answer a question about something? You can make a lot of smart decisions based on the keyword referral data you still do get, based on that sampling. I don’t know if you guys saw, but a few weeks ago they said mid-September Exact Match will be gone.

In such a fast moving area, it is no surprise that staying at the top requires focus and is exhausting. Rand: So, we have a tremendous amount to get through today. By the way if you love my presentation, my name is Rand Fishkin on the form. Raise your hand if you’re familiar with ‘pogo sticking’. Remember that over the last five or six years Chrome has become one of the most dominant browsers in the market, Android has become the dominant mobile operating system. Therefore I’m coming back again and again.” Therefore, hopefully, smaller chunk, for content creators, of bigger pie overall. I used to stand on stages in 20 and 2008 and I would tell folks, “If you want to perform well in search and SEO”, and what was then called ‘social media’, Digg and reddit and that kind of stuff, Stumble Upon, “You need to talk to, and you need to be attractive to the creators.” That 13%, I would often call them ‘linkerati’. Today, because of the ubiquity of social media, that group has grown to be nearly three quarters of all adult Internet users. Now it’s, we’re basically all influencers – or have the potential to be influencers. A lot of SEO data has disappeared in the last few years.

Rand also shares some of the personal issues that he has faced as a company founder – attachment to the business he founded, the problems he faced as CEO, how he came to terms with stepping down from the CEO role at the Moz. So the amount of user and usage data signals that Google can collect today, compared to what they knew five or six years ago, is multiple orders of magnitude difference. We went to go see it with Geraldine’s – my wife’s – cousins who were like eight and ten. The movie’s great but I went home and was like, “I want to go visit that park. ” I didn’t think it was a park so I searched for “national area with lemurs madagascar”. Bing is doing something that Google did for many, many years, until last fall when Hummingbird came out. They’re trying to find the pages on the Internet that have those words that are the most relevant, best match. Whether that’s true or not is very hard to say, that’s me speculating. So I think there’s probably a connection with that. Keyword referral data: nearly gone, unless you are a giant site.

You can set up packages or free trials that allow potential clients to just sign up, set their own passwords, then login via your website or your apps.

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