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It is in line with the willingness of the FIA to offer a comprehensive framework for its member National Sporting Authorities to provide high-grade training to their personnel on the ground under Annex V of the International Sporting Code.


Here we uncover just a selection of tips that can help parents from all walks of life get through this difficult time…

Whilst being away from your newborn as they receive specialist treatment may leave you feeling anxious, exercising your parenting skills where possible while your baby is getting back to full health helps many parents take the reins during this stressful time.

Snow was predicted today so we were not able to open Eden Hope’s Reston campus. Skittles had melted into a brown/green goo that oozed from the top and the jello part wiggled in a way brains should not wiggle.

A letter I emailed to the Reston moms: Ladies, I am so glad that we did not have Eden Hope this morning. We decided to dissect – because what else do you do with leftover brains on the front porch. I’m pretty good with dissections, but the bugger brain is making me gag.

Now, of course, Jack is walking around the house using the term bugger brain for EVERYTHING. All suggestions for next week’s brain surgery are welcome.

Fairfax County’s school closing decision has saved your family from the term bugger brain. Kim My husband pointed out that I spelled booger incorrectly. Following successful delivery of over 20 Officials Safety Programs worldwide, the MKI launched first global e-learning platform for motorsport volunteers and officials: link The MKI e-learning initiative has been strongly supported by the UAE authorities as well as endorsed by the motorsport governing bodies: “Motorsport officials need constant training to be able to ensure we maintain the highest safety standards in our sport, a goal the FIA is relentlessly striving for.I welcome ATCUAE’s online learning platform, which allows volunteers to develop their knowledge at a time and place that best suits them.We’d love to hear from you about your experiences so we can help others in the same situation.Here are a few tips that we found useful when we first found ourselevs in this situation…Please let us know what you think of the site and our range of premature baby clothing.

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