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When the 20 minutes were up we adjourned to the lounge where we were asked to describe what we thought the three men looked like.

W e clung to each other’s shoulders as we fumbled our way along, bumping into a plant, a wall and finally a man.

Imagination and suspension of disbelief are also critically important.

The exact definition of cybersex—specifically, whether real-life masturbation must be taking place for the online sex act to count as cybersex—is up for debate.

This might sound like an odd way to meet someone but psychologist Dr Pam Spurr claims there are distinct advantages.

Women often rule out a potential love interest simply because they don’t like what he is wearing,” she says.“Dating like this strips down the whole process to simple communication.

Grabbing my hand he led us to our side of the table and when everyone was safely seated a deep voice boomed from the far end: “I’m Gavin.

” The sound of his voice conjured up the image of an extremely muscular man with a shaved head.

Logical Exclusive-or of an arbitrary number of arguments.

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