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Nos dedicamos no solo a Transexuales sino también Mujeres Transgénero.

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Why would it make a difference whether or not your partner "has a dick" at all?

To answer your question, yes, I could have a relationship with a trans person...

with no stipulations on whether or not they have fully transitioned or not. I've dated both, and am currently in a long term committed romantic relationship with a trans woman.

I'm sorry grey i think you read the bits you wanted rather than the bits i had seen as a positive I do not want to date a trans.....i asked if others would..I said I personally would have no issue with it just one or two personal preferrences...which unless I'm mistaken I am allowed to decide who I want to datei know it's a touchy subject as twice now I've tried to promote people at least thinking about trans relationships and both times trans have seen the negative rather than pushing the positive I don't think I'll bother anymore Honestly I'd be a little weirded out at first but it is something I could get over.

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I've been giving this one a lot of thought of late...because it's something going on in my life but it's a question I've not seen before I want to say from the get go I have the greatest admiration for those who go through the process, even more for those who clearly make the change but still look like thier former sexfor me i think I could as a hetro male have a asexual relationship perhaps with a man who has gone through the full process of mtf I would have only two conditions.they must clearly look like a female and two...one of us should have a dick...methat may seem harsh but but considering many would not entertain that at all i think i'm quite chillednow I know I'm not gay but i don't see a problem with a mtf weird...i am still trying to work that one outbefore anyone panics...i would still prefer a relationship with a woman so a general open question to allcould you have a relationship with someone who has gone through the mtf/ftm process ?In order to use Medscape, your browser must be set to accept cookies delivered by the Medscape site.Medscape uses cookies to customize the site based on the information we collect at registration.This covers religion, politics, how many children you want, and other information.Interests covers everything you're interested in that is not sexual in nature.NO toleraremos comportamiento abusivo y queremos proveer una plataforma para que encuentres a ese alguien especial.

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