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Nordstrom stores - among others - recently stopped carrying Ivanka Trump's wares.

On February 14, 1976, Great Expectations opened their doors for the first time.

The idea for video dating came about when founder, Jeffery Ullman, was at a dinner party and ran into an old college friend.

I like to bind mine with a binding machine, but you can hole punch and tie with ribbon or staple it together!

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It helps manage your weight, reduce disease risk, and boost your spirits.

But “it’s definitely possible to go about exercise in the wrong way where it can hurt you,” says Christopher Wahl, MD, chief of sports medicine at the University of California, San Diego department of orthopedic surgery.MORE Armed with a baseball bat and wearing a fashionable rioting unisex ensemble, Flat Antifa is looking for some fascism to smash.Fascism is anything that Flat Antifa doesn't understand. Fascists are those who refuse to conform to Flat Antifa's non-conformism. Flat Antifa obtained these views in his/her extremely expensive school, and is prepared to swing his/her bat at anyone whom Flat Antifa's extremely progressive professor defines as extremist.A dating company that markets professional singles to the type of person they’re looking for.Great Expectations started out as a small family business, Ullman’s parents gave him the start-up loan, and has now grown into a multimarket dating service.“When we first got started, members would come into the centers for their interview with the matchmakers, and they would then continue to come into the center each week to make their selections, or find out who selected them, but with the changes in technology the business had to move with it,” said John Meriggi, owner of 14 locations.

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