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The two met on the show, began dating in March of 2012, and were engaged in October 2013.

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Ginnifer michelle goodwin dating

She graduated from Lausanne Collegiate School in 1996 and spent a year at Hanover before going to Boston University where she received her BFA in Acting.

She went on to receive accolades in London, including receiving a Certificate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and trained with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

All of the free time we took for granted,’ ” she says.

She is known for playing Margene Heffman in the drama series Big Love (2006–2011), Snow White in the fantasy series Once Upon a Time (2011–2017), and Judy Hopps in the Disney animated film Zootopia.

Goodwin also appeared in various films including Mona Lisa Smile, Something Borrowed, Walk the Line, Killing Kennedy, and He's Just Not That Into You.

Her younger sister, Melissa Goodwin, is a stop motion animator on shows such as Robot Chicken, on which Ginnifer has also appeared as voice talent.The actress, 37, who voices the lead character in Disney’s , says thinking she was tired with her first pregnancy is “laughable now.” “Now I’m running after a toddler, working on a series and doing a press tour,” says the actress, who is expecting her second child, another boy, with her husband Josh Dallas this spring.In between indulging her pregnancy craving of “sweet and refreshing and wonderful” watermelon popsicles, Goodwin is doing her best to prep Oliver for his new role as big brother.Ginnifer Goodwin thought she was tired during her first pregnancy with 21-month-old son Oliver Finlay.But that fatigue was nothing compared to the second time around.This 37 years old lady was born in Memphis, Tennessee of United States and she is mostly remembered by her fans with her character in Big Love as Margene Heffman.

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