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Many eagerly plunge into new fashions, avant garde experiences, 'hip' trends--some even setting the trends.

More in touch with the reality of their senses than their INFP counterparts, ISFPs live in the here and now.

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So he came out, made the television circuit and published a memoir called .

Now the Castro screen was showing a portion of his media blitz.

The wedding rehearsal took place in Louganis's Malibu home, where he's lived for 28 years.

The wedding ceremony at Geoffrey's was attended by 160 close friends and family, including Barbara Eden, French Stewart, Bruce Vilanch, diving coaches, and "people we love and admire and have history with." contestant Dominic Scott Kay provided entertainment.

In the clip, he's a 35-year-old Olympic champion discussing his illness on prime-time television, and Larry King is a guy wearing suspenders finding it very difficult not to literally point an accusatory finger.

Larry King: "How would a smart guy like you practice unsafe sex? " Louganis: "Um, I'm sure I was probably exposed before they knew about unsafe sex." King: "Oh, so you're pretty sure of that? " The Castro audience jeered, but Louganis, who is prone to charitable understatement, saw it differently.Chances are if you were a gay boy growing up in the 1980s, you probably had a photo of Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis on your bedroom wall.Clad only in a tight Speedo swimsuit, the photogenic Louganis was the epitome of a teenage dream, although few knew the despair he was going through privately.It’s been over 25 years since “the greatest American diver” retired. What she found was that if you were 27 years old or younger, you didn’t know who Greg Louganis was. You have such a tremendous coming out story, (and) coming forward about your HIV status.” It’s been almost 20 years since my book, contains a staggering amount of archival footage that traces back to your childhood, your Olympic highlights and coming out process. Would it have been possible to date another athlete when you were competing or would that have been unthinkable? There was one Russian diver I was attracted to when I was 16. I don’t care what you do with the picture.” It caught me so off guard.The exceptional new documentary, (screening in Los Angeles at Outfest July 19) combines archival footage, following the athlete from pre-teen diving phenom, to present day as Greg returns to the sport that made him a legend. Are there any particular scenes that are painful for you to watch? I thought that he would potentially be a resource, ally, and mentor. That was the first person I identified myself to him as being gay. But, I wasn’t really attracted to that many divers. Are fans inclined to share intimate details with you?Larry King’s blunt and decidedly insensitive question to Greg, “How could a smart guy like you practice unsafe sex?

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