Grooming without sedating a dog

Add in the poor unfamiliar care professional and the entire situation can seem hopeless.

No matter how desperate the situation may be, only a veterinarian should administer chemical sedatives to an animal.

Do you as a groomer sedate dogs without the owners knowing?

Isn't there some sort of waiver that should be signed by the owner before sedating a dog?

There are some who we refer to as “two-person dogs” when it comes to calming them down and controlling them on the grooming table in my salon. We do not sedate animals; if a dog needs to be medicated, it would either go to the vet prior to its grooming appointment or the owner would administer the pills at home.

Our staff includes veteran groomers who have the experience, patience, and skill to work with problem dogs, in most instances making the grooming experience far less traumatic, but there are a few cases where sedation is necessary, for safety of both the groomer and the animal. Working on an animal that is basically asleep on your grooming table can be a challenge.

I agree that getting dogs used to being handled for grooming through hands-on training and a calm, assertive approach is best.

Unfortunately some dogs have so much anxiety and/or aggression, either because of genetics or past experiences, it is impossible to groom them without some form of sedation.My reason for asking this is because there is a grooming shop about 10 miles from where I am located and I am getting TONS of their clients calling me asking me if we drug dogs or sedate them for grooming.When I tell them NO, they are super happy and relieved sounding and they then book an appointment with me.The second, complete sedation describes a state of unconsciousness or sleep.Should the pet owner decide to use a manufactured sedative to achieve either of these states of sedation, the accompanying directions should be followed.But unless you're a veterinarian, don't try to calm your pet with chemical-ridden sedatives.

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