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I write my articles before sunrise because it’s the darkest and quietest hour of the day.

I go to movies alone because I want to react to them at my own pace.

They seek intangible rather than tangible rewards in life.

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So often, being highly sensitive is treated as an emotional defect when nothing could be further from the truth.

Highly sensitive people feel things deeply because their nervous systems take in everything around them in the same way that a sponge absorbs water.

I love her to bits and I just want to understand where she’s coming from a bit better.

First of all, let me say that I absolutely adore getting messages like these…

One thing we hear over and over again is that some Highly Sensitive People have a habit of moving their romantic relationships along a little too fast. We hope this has never happened to you, but if you've "been there and done that" you know what we're talking about.

It seems that women who are highly sensitive may be harmed by this more than highly sensitive men, but highly sensitive men aren't immune, either. e think it may be because highly sensitive people process deeply and are so feeling-based that they tend to get physically involved with the new person in their life well before they really get to know them. Meetups visit the Internet Links page and click on the Highly Sensitive People Meetup link to learn more, sign up and join our HSP Meetup group, and to RSVP for our next "Meetup." I'm also a Certified ASR™ Educator of the WANT lnstitute and fully trained in Androgynous Semantic Realignment (ASR),™ Dr.

You've never seen that from them before because they are the ones who try to always hold it in and save their tears for the pillow.

They are the ones who will suddenly have an emotional breakdown while drunk or at a sad movie and it will surprise you.

Highly sensitive people will only eventually be in relationships with people who literally refuse to give up. I have one foot out the door at every stage of a relationship.

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