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It wasn't long before the national media started to pick up on images of that door and other hacked off journalists started sharing the story, with articles featuring on the Press Gazette and Hold The Front Page.Read more: Woman warns pet owners after dogs are poisoned by algae in water Later, reports surfaced appeared on the BBC, The Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian, as well as The Poke and The Canary.

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Or does a lack of clear communication and organization endanger the project from the beginning? Project managers can give team members the confidence to do their jobs by providing the right preparation and training.

How many times have you heard heroic firefighters or military service members say after a successful mission that it wasn’t that big of a deal, because it was what they were crew had been so indoctrinated with the idea that the ship was infallible that they were unprepared when things started to go wrong.

It’s clear that the fascination with the Titanic has remained strong in the last century, so it may be worth considering what simple, yet often overlooked, lessons this famous disaster can still offer, especially in terms of project management 101.

When working on a project, too many times the goals aren’t clearly defined, and that leads team members into rough seas that can soon have them floundering.

Just 29 days after the sinking of the survivor Dorothy Gibson starred and co-wrote in a film about the disaster that claimed more than 1,500 lives.

Although no copies of the film exist today, more than 20 other movies have been made about the and more than a dozen television movies or episodes are devoted to the subject.

An African-American man nears his New York homecoming after months rowing a one-man boat from Africa to the U. His first attempt, in 2006 ended with his homemade boat sinking; the second, in 2009, had to be aborted when his fresh water system failed; in 2011 he ended up spending 10 days in a lifeboat after the main vessel took on water.

Victor Mooney has made three earlier attempts to cover the 5,000 miles between Africa and New York.

During the hundred days at sea, Mooney has endured a shark attack, being raided by Haitian pirates, and losing close to 100 pounds. "With the Heavenly Father with me, I'm just asking for continued permission to continue this row." Mooney has had two brothers are HIV-positive.

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