Hlstatsx not updating what to do on a first year dating anniversary

Diese Anleitung beruht auf der Beschreibung des Forenmitglieds AXELB.

Die Diskussion zum Thema kann im Forum verfolgt werden Hlstats X ist ein Stats Tracking System für Games wie Counter-Strike: Source sowie allen anderen der Half Life 2 Engine.

This repository has a complete installation of Source Mod, including all my plugins and source files.

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Adding another Half-Life server to the statistics is simply a matter of configuring HLstats to accept data from the server’s address, and then configuring the server to send log data to the HLstats logging daemon using the “logaddress_add” command.

Here is a diagram to illustrate: Logged events are sent as UDP data packets from the game servers to a web server.

Please send me feedback and bug reports to help keep these working.

### Ammo Check 1.0.4 Adds a check_ammo command for clients to get approximate ammo left in magazine, and display the same message when loading a new magazine plugins/insurgency scripting/scripting/include/scripting/include/"sm_botnames_list" "default" // Set list to use for bots "sm_botnames_enabled" "1" // sets whether bot naming is enabled "sm_botnames_suppress" "1" // sets whether to supress join/team change/name change bot messages "sm_botnames_random" "1" // sets whether to randomize names used "sm_botnames_prefix" "" // sets a prefix for bot names (include a trailing space, if needed!

Nicht jeder von euch denk ich mal wird das brauchen aber was es gibt das gibt es halt ;-).

Jedenfalls ermöglicht es die ganzen Ereignisse und Bestenliste eines Gameserver auf einer Homepage über einen Webserver anzeigen zu lassen.

) "sm_botnames_announce" "0" // sets whether to announce bots when added ### Bot Spawns 1.0.0 Adds a number of options and ways to handle bot spawns gamedata/insurgency.plugins/insurgency scripting/scripting/include/scripting/include/scripting/include/"sm_botspawns_min_player_distance" "1200" // Min distance from players to spawn "sm_botspawns_spawn_mode" "0" // Only normal spawnpoints at the objective, the old way (0), spawn in hiding spots following rules (1), spawnpoints that meet rules (2) "sm_botspawns_counterattack_finale_infinite" "0" // Obey sm_botspawns_counterattack_respawn_mode (0), use rules and do infinite respawns (1) "sm_botspawns_spawn_attack_delay" "10" // Delay in seconds for spawning bots to wait before firing.

"sm_botspawns_remove_unseen_when_capping" "1" // Silently kill off all unseen bots when capping next point (1, default) "sm_botspawns_counterattack_mode" "0" // Do not alter default game spawning during counterattacks (0), Respawn using new rules during counterattack by following sm_botspawns_respawn_mode (1) "sm_botspawns_total_spawn_frac" "1.75" // Total number of bots to spawn as multiple of number of bots in game to simulate larger numbers.

HLStats consists of a Perl script (the HLStats logging daemon) and a set of PHP scripts (which generate the statistics Web pages).

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