Home refinancing debt consolidatings

A BB&T home equity loan is an installment loan with a fixed rate and fixed payments.Borrowers draw against the equity in their homes to obtain a fixed amount of money, which they'll pay back over a fixed time period.

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Credit cards in particular come with some of the highest interest rates in the financial industry.

Getting rid of that expensive debt is a nice idea in theory, but finding the finances to do so can be difficult.

As you may have experienced, since each of those separate loans has its own monthly payment, interest rate, and terms it can be complicated to manage all of them.

But consolidation takes all of that diverse debt and puts in into one basket, namely a single loan with just one payment to worry about making each month.

If you’re a homeowner, one way you may be able to reduce your balances — or at least the rates you’re paying on them — is to utilize the equity in your home.

You can do this by refinancing your existing mortgage, cash-out refinancing or taking out a home equity loan.

A home equity line of credit allows you to access a predetermined amount of money as you need it—much like a credit card, but with significant interest savings.

Compare that to how you may be paying your bills now—juggling a mailbox full of invoices every month, each with their own specific due dates and varying interest rates.

The goal is to simplify your financial life and make it much easier to keep tabs on your student loan debt.

Refinancing offers a way to start over with a new interest rate and terms.

This especially applies to the prospect of rolling your student loan debt into a mortgage.

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