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A common form of sexual harassment on the Internet occurs when a harasser sends unwanted, abusive, threatening, or obscene messages to a victim via e-mail or instant messaging.

Another common form of Internet harassment occurs when a victim is subject to unwanted, abusive, threatening or obscene messages and/or comments on internet forums, blogs, and discussion boards.

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There are lots of different ways you can chat to people online - and lots of different places you can do it.

Chatting includes every type of service which allows you to have a conversation with somebody else.

At the same time you will have full control on their accounts.

You can edit their contact lists, you can enable/disable features they can use.

While the Internet has provided an array of benefits and advantages for today's society, its darker side has substantially emerged as Internet users are being subjected to online discrimination, sexual harassment, identity theft, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying on a daily basis.

As mentioned above, sexual harassment on the Internet can occur in a number of ways.

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