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is placed on a US server with IP: 72.2 gets 68.47K page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords.In Google Toolbar the Page Rank (in short PR) is displayed as a whole number from 0 to 10. Every day we check and store site world rank in our database. If website traffic is decreasing, the rank will go higher.In this section we compare traffic rank on an 1 week, 3 months and 6 months basis. If website traffic is increasing, the rank will go lower.I terminated a 6 month contract at 3 months because they wouldn't remove a Member, who used my email address to put me with UADreams. The first email from them was a full-page ad for her that would have required I sign up. If you don't recieve that kind of attention in every day life, why would you think it would be different on the Web. If they are very flirtatious and flatter you, ask what you do for a living and if you live alone - run a a mile.I am having a lot of trouble getting rid of the UADreams spam. I'm having more attention than Leonardo di Caprio at a hen night ! I think the site is very proactive in removing fake profiles if you report them.Could never be with a man, no not a law firm is prepared to assist you with your nieces and nephews.

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