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I’ve heard it described as “Karate Kid II” syndrome, which seems apt.

Part of that feeling has to do with so rarely seeing Asian men with non-Asian women.

So for those of you who have explored the other fish in the sea and now want the advantages of dating closer to culture, you may be wondering how your dating history affects your long-term potential in the eyes of Asian suitors.

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“In the abstract, Asian women who exclusively date non-Asians shouldn’t bother me.

Unfortunately, life isn’t lived in the abstract and my experience has made me instinctively skeptical and even resentful of non-Asian male/Asian female pairings in the States and back in Asia.

We at try and bring together interracial couples on one platform and provide them Interracial dating is the new trend since people have started opening up to new cultures and ways of life more openly.

Earlier very few people would open up to relationships and courtships outside their race.

Even when those desired qualities are not unrealistic, the search for a life partner can seem hopeless.

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