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Most of the interior of the Old Capitol as we now know it came between 1814, when the British burned it, and 1830.

The rotunda had been started, but was not completed until Lincoln's day.

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A great number of historic buildings in the city were demolished in the planned construction zones.

However, with defeat of the Third Reich, the work was never started. Ein Anderer Hitler: Bericht Seines Architekten Erlebnisse, Gesprache, Reflexionen [A Different Hitler: Report on its Architects' Experiences, Conversations, Reflections] (in German).

Nazi ideology took a pluralist attitude to architecture; however, Adolf Hitler himself believed that form should follow function and wrote against "stupid imitations of the past".

The crowning achievement of this movement was to be Welthauptstadt Germania, the projected renewal of the German capital Berlin following the Nazis' victory in World War II. Die Schleifung: Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau historischer Bauten in Deutschland und Polen [The Razing: Destruction and Reconstruction of Historical Buildings in Germany and Poland] (in German).

An illustration of Wanstead appears in the ''Vitruvius Britannicus,'' a five-volume collection of British architectural engravings.

''I would not have it understood,'' said President Washington, ''that I lean to extravagance.'' Thornton abandoned his proposal for separate adjacent wings for the two houses of Congress.

To a Coherence between Nazi Ideology and Architecture] (in German).

Zum Zusammenhang von nationalsozialistischer Ideologie und Architektur [The New Reich Chancellery by Albert Speer.

Add to Scriptures the history of the Church and all of the theology that comes from it – sacramental theology, moral theology, canon law, the list goes on.

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