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One example which most motorists have experienced is where a burly chap driving in the lane next to you rolls down his window and, for a reason of which you may or may not be aware of and may or may not be at fault for, utters words to the effect that he is going to physically harm you.

Such behaviour falls within the definition of assault.

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It’s not uncommon for Mark Cuban to scrutinize referees, but apparently NBA officials have had enough of his antics.

According to a report filed by The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the National Basketball Referees Association is of the belief that the NBA is allowing the Dallas Mavericks owner to threaten and intimidate officials in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.

Johnston, 156 Wn.2d 355, 127 P.3d 707 (2006)); threats involved in intimidating a judge (State v. 45, 966 P.2d 411 (1998)); and threats involved in intimidating a public servant (State v.

The constitution requires the prosecution to prove a true threat for many offenses, including: felony harassment involving a threat to kill (see cases cited earlier in this section); threats to bomb or injure property (see State v.

Within his report, Wojnarowski mentions NBA general counsel Lee Seham’s letter to the NBA’s president of league operations Byron Spruell, in which he insists that this is not a new issue with Cuban and that it has progressively gotten worse.

“We consider the threat to the integrity of NBA basketball presented by Mr.

A conditional threat to injure property in the future is within this definition.

Use of the first bracketed phrase, which is the language of RCW 9A.04.110(27)(a), is error in a robbery case because that statutory definition refers to threat to do injury in the future.

See the Comment to WPIC 86.02 (Threatening to Bomb or Injure Property—Elements).

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