Is chris and rihanna dating

and then, of course, how it came to be that he bloodied and bruised her face on the night before the Grammy Awards in 2009. And they left the party in anger to sort things out.According to Brown, the stars got into an argument after one of his ex-lovers surprised them at a party thrown by Clive Davis. During the car ride home, Rihanna found an unread text message from this same woman to Brown, informing the artist that she'd be at the aforementioned gathering.

Screened for audiences last week, takes fans behind the scenes of this controversial's artist's universe.

Brown says early on in the film that he wants to be known going forward as the "baddest motherf-cker on the stage instead of the baddest motherf-ckler in the courtroom." And one way in which he tries to fix his image is to hearken back to the incident that is most responsible for destroying it.

Rihanna is not really angry about Chris Brown beating her up. Following a period of contention and awkwardness after this very unfortunate and disturbing incident in 2009, Rihanna and Brown started talking again.

Heck, there's even been chatter that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, which is just gross and depressing to think about.

Seems there's a pretty good chance she and Chris Brown have a celeb sex tape lying around in a drawer somewhere.

With all the troubles Rihanna has had in the dating world, it's a wonder she hasn't ended up on the list of celebrity sex tapes yet.

Additionally, Rihanna remembered her experiences with Chris Brown being his boyfriend few years ago.

She tagged the relationship as a real mistake and said that she is not interested with what Chris Brown is doing today.

According to some sources: On other news, recent speculations revealed the real reason why Drake had distanced himself from Rihanna.

Although mesmerized and head-over-heels with the singer, Drake was allegedly friend-zoned by her.

Yes, Brown talks in detail his intense relationship with Rihanna from way back in the day. how he had to convince his fellow singer that he was serious about her...

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