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Boyfriends will give your It Girl clothing, extra confidence, and extra energy.

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If you date 5 boyfriends in one category, you will get an outfit.

If you are dating to collect outfits only and not the clothes items, the minimum time to date a man is 4 hours for him to count in the Dating Diary.

It has full voice acting, and uses Live 2D to bring the characters “to life” – It has sky high production values. You can cook sweets to give to the boys to boost their affection, or plan a date by selecting different locations.

You can work part time to earn in game currency, or study different subjects to boost your stats which helps unlock new event scenes, jobs, or even new guys to meet.

So was this, perhaps, the real reason so many of us were striking out in the dating department?

To find out, I spoke to men either currently in relationships with fashion ladies or those who have dated them in the past.

Otherwise, the man will not be counted in your quest for the new outfit. To get a specific boyfriend, you will often need to send out requests to your friends/clique members.

For five boyfriends, from lowest to highest in terms of requests, one player will need to send 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 invites subsequently. Tip: If you get a boyfriend via the Dating Diary, but wish to choose another one, you will not lose the chance to date him later.

Sweetie: 5/5 – One of the cutest games you’ll ever play.

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