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It struck me once with this headline from March 23rd: Breaking Dawn Filming Completed of the Swan House, Deconstruction Begins Is this actually happening? And I don’t just mean “What will I write about on LTT after THE END? The Twilight saga & the shooting of its movies has been a part of my life for YEARS now. Even I was convinced that those cast pictures from the other day were just staged pictures sent to us from Stephenie just to rub it on our faces our that she was hanging on the set, hiding in Rob’s trailer, eating Taylor’s meat patties and we weren’t.

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This is like Rob turning his back and walking away whenever I see him at a work event (“Work” for me here on LTT/LTR. He likes it better when he sees me peeking through the bushes on his off-time) And the Twi-cast has the nerve to throw a PARTY for the “Wrap? But what has STRUCK me since I read the first whisper of the inevitable end is that the end is coming whether I’m ready for it or not. They are just nice people and you feel bad for interrupting them to be “that crazy Twihard” that has spotted the Twilight star. I saw them in the lobby walking around and felt odd stopping them to say hi. When I did he, was super nice and introduced me to everyone. But Erik, and the rest were SO NICE, I could not bring myself to go nuts tweeting his immediate locations for all the wild followers to know. Erik was such a sweetheart, he introduced me to the group of others there and then took a picture with me. If you’re still not convinced at how much we loved this parody, read Moon’s reaction after the jump! Posted in: LTT, New Moon movie, Video Tags: , Chris Weitz, Hillywood, New Moon, New Moon movie, New Moon parody, parodies, The HIllywood show, the twilight saga, Twilight, twilight parody, Twilight saga, Video Welcome to our world!

” And since Kiowa called it the “final” Party, I guess we can assume there were MULTIPLE EVENTS “celebrating” this horrible time in all of our lives? We talked for a while and he introduced me to "Bill" who is my official "BR" tour guide. and now we are bff's 🙂 Just thought you may want to know about my encounter this weekend. AND I have to admit to the rest of you that I added the things in the parenthesis into Stephenie’s story. Tell Edward he doesn’t know what’s cool on the interwebs- he’s too old.

And I don’t know about you- but I’m not ready to say good-bye quite yet. Unintended Choice What do you think about the END of Breaking Dawn filming? Do you think we’ll have enough to keep us entertained until the next movie comes out?

I'm sorry..time I won't send anything to you personally. I didn't realize at the time that your hands would slip, click on the picture, then accidentally create an entirely new account just to troll it.

Lots of people have wondered why Jacob Jost was not in the Breaking Dawn Parody, but it's because they broke up and thought it would be too awkward to do the parody together. Also, he finished jazz dance school/ David Jost was a singer and author of songs of the group of "Bed & Breakfast", consisting of Patrik Nuo and Benjamin Boys.

Lots of people have wondered why Jacob Jost was not in the Breaking Dawn Parody, but it's because they broke up and thought it would be too awkward to do the parody Other: in 1986, when he was 14, he became North German deputizing master in Breakdance.

Jack Sparrow, Alice Cullen, Bella Swan, Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Sweeney Todd and William Turner — Hannah Hindi, 24, and Hillary Hindi, 20, of “The Hillywood Show” online have played them all and more in their online parodies that have arrested the humor of millions.

Hannah (Alice Cullen in the parodies) and Hilly (Bella Swan) are the official hosts of the Twilight Conventions.

“People that voted for us became fans and they said, ‘Keep going; this is a really funny idea,’ and we’re still doing it today,” Hilly said.

The girls decided to continue on with “The Hillywood Show,” and 15 webisodes and several film parodies later, the show is an online hit.

This caused them to recast the role of Edward Cullen to Austin Clay in the final Twilight parodies as they thought it would be to complicated after they broke up.

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