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- Suzy will re-sign with JYPE while Min will leave JYPE.

When swiping through, you can identify these fellow Tinder Select members because their photo has a blue border, and their profile is branded with a blue “Select” badge.

The journalist said, however, that these profiles were very rare in New York, and he was unable to find one to screenshot and blur for the purposes of the story.

If it seems like pitching a reporter sounds a lot like dating, that’s probably because it is.

And as a PR professional, you don’t want to come off too clingy, especially in the beginning of your “relationship.” Mashable reporter Jason Abbruzzese (left) recently joined Muck Rack CEO Greg Galant (right) for a webinar on how to pitch journalists.

But “journalists feel validated when they see their stories being shared [on Twitter].” Maybe you got lucky and secured some initial interest from a journalist. But sometimes you just have to accept that the feeling wasn’t mutual and move on to the next.

Haley Rodriguez is an account associate in Highwire’s San Francisco office primarily supporting consumer technology clients.

[NB: proofs page 13] - Since Lee Soo Man is called hwejangnim (chairman-nim), Yg doesn't let people call him by his nickname, Yangsa (yang president shortened form, in english its like Pres Yang), due to his inferiority complex.

- Secret members' discord with Han Sunhwa is finally settled - Twice is shaking up the Korean music industry, no one expected them to so well in such a short time - Comedians are prickly in real life - Hyosung is hardworking - Irene is passive and introverted, her character is the same as what you see on the screen. - Lee Hwi Jae and Yoo Ah In are so-so/unlikeable - Jokwon and Ga In never dated.

Of those he had previously come across, most “worked in tech or in PR”, Mc Alone said.

The most interesting insight the story revealed about Tinder Select was to do with its algorithm.

Abbruzzese says, “I don’t care about who’s pitching me, but I tend to respond more to those who take the time to form a relationship with me.” when you follow them on social media, particularly Twitter.

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