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Soon Ramu started bringing friends with him and asked Aaradhana to look for girls for his friends too. Ramu’s friend were now pissed of Ramu as he crossed limits in insulting friends without girlfriends and started showing off his skills that he has got the best and very hot girl as his girlfriend.This made Gautam very annoyed and he thought of giving Ramu a proper lesson…Let’s read in this detailed story how this lesson was a plan to fuck this hot girl Aaradhana only.” “Oh, Gautam, thanks yaar, by the way where is our Popat…? ” Gautam looked at this hot girl and said, “He is a liar dear, you are new with him, but you will soon realize it…Has he said about the night thing to you.” Hot girl had her eye-brows pulled, “What the fuck that night thing is…?

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Parents are being reminded to pre-vet every app their young children download amid renewed concerns that virtual reality gaming is exposing minors to sexual advances.

The US-developed game Roblox received global attention this month after a British father decided to check out what his sons were playing on their mobile device.

More » Daily Motion, launched in 2005 and based in France, is the second largest video website in the world according to various Web measurements.

Videos at Daily Motion can be found several different ways; via categories (also known as channels, offering everything from Animals to Travel), by checking out the Most Viewed, Trending, or What's Hot displays, browsing the Featured Users (official company presences on Daily Motion), or simply by typing in whatever you might be looking for into the Daily Motion search bar function.

Videos have become one of the hottest commodities on the Web, garnering hundreds of millions of Web searches every single day all over the world.

The top video websites online - as listed below - are the ones that About Web Search readers have consistently ranked as offering a user-friendly experience with a wide variety of great multimedia content from which to choose from.

The students unwittingly gave pictures to friends on request, but had no knowledge they were being posted online, officials told WTOP.

The accounts were shut down last month soon after police began their investigation.

The game lets players explore imaginary worlds and allows them to interact with other users over a chat function."I was asked to lay down on top of them and they started with sexual movements," father Iain Morrison told the media about his time on Roblox.

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