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The title of the column, “Where Can I Get a Boyfriend For Hire,” immediately raised the supposed Bahamain prince’s perfectly manicured eyebrow.

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2 EDITORIAL Par ALEXANDRA SCHWARTZBROD Refugies On a tous en memoire un cafe- epic erie aux odeurs melees de detergent, de croissant et de chicoree, un souvenir d' adolescence ou de lecture qui nous transporte ou nous flanque le blues (nous ne pleurerons pas sur ces bistrots d' autrefois oil un gros bonhomme servait un cafe amer en tenant des propos limites sous le regard mauvais d'un chien-loup).

Bref, lebistrot nous parle a toutes et a tous, en bien ou en mal, sur tout a Libe, vous imaginez bien pourquoi.

He was cute—like a young Jamie Foxx—but there was something a little boring and pretentious about him. Especially if the Googler in question can’t read the column in question, much less read between the lines.

still, I was intrigued, even as the Burrito rolled her eyes. Armed with my first and last name, his fingers quickly punched in the letters and…SHOCKER…up came this blog and the magazine column that preceded it.

You can Facebook stalk someone’s photo albums and know when they’ve been dressed up like Liberace on Halloween (or last Tuesday). Could-Be-Right has checked-in so often he never had to run for high office. I’ve Google-stalked my way through the web and many a crush.

Lounge around Linked In long enough to find out if she’ll be the first female CEO at her current company (you never know). In fact, if you can’t find someone online, isn’t it a little suspect?

I haven’t done any web wandering in quite some time, being a boring old lady and all, but recently this Mashable article caught my eye. “Read the article,” I said smiling and walking away with my gratis drink, Burrito giggling next to me.

And the points this young lady makes are beyond valid——there is an etiquette to everything, including hunting a mate in the modern online age. I can remember standing in a bar, a handsome man offering to buy me a drink and making the flirty small talk that crowded spaces and whiskey invite. Googling someone in front of them is just so uncouth.

Thank you for visiting, and have a good time meeting new people!

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